Loris Guzzo


Steps of "Windy Venice"




Loris Guzzo was born in Montréal (Canada) in 1960. He started painting in the early 1980's, working with different painters an set designers and practising different techniques.

He works and paints with many kinds of subjects, starting with realistic reproductions of environments, animals, flowers, portraits and more.

In 1989 he co-operated with a set design company before starting work in the "Arena of Verona" as a scenography builder untill 1995. He has carried out works for cinemas, theatres, museums and amusements parks

Loris lives and works in Torbe a small village in Valpolicella (Verona-Italy)


The technique L. Guzzo uses mostly for recent paintings is acrylic on canvas. He uses his own drawings and computer projects to assist in the creation of his paintings.

He draws the subject on canvas using dark colours. The artist then builds up the image using a careful mix of different tones until the right colour is obtained.